HWPI Volunteer Spotlight: Tim Eder

HWPI is pleased to introduce another remarkable volunteer, Tim Eder. Tim’s community leadership is longstanding. He recently played a primary role in the effort to “deny the mine” in Lyndon Township, through the Friends of Chelsea and Lyndon Township group. After helping successfully stop the development of the gravel mine, Tim and The Friends group chose to use their energy and enthusiasm for other constructive community efforts. The group saw the beautiful B2B segment in Dexter and were inspired to take on bringing recreational trails to Chelsea as their next mission.

The HWPI board then formed in late 2014, with Tim as a founding member. He currently serves as the Vice Chair. His contributions to the organization and the B2B success have been many, including providing leadership on the Executive Committee of the Board and assisting with fundraising. His wealth of nonprofit experience is an asset to HWPI, as we grow as an organization and partner with governmental agencies.

Tim has spent most of his professional career focused on the preservation and conservation of the Great Lakes. He currently works at the Mott Foundation, managing a grantmaking portfolio that addresses freshwater challenges. When not working or volunteering, Tim enjoys spending free time with family and friends at his favorite places on the lakes: A Lake Michigan beach in Sturgeon Bay during the summer; and the storm-tossed coast of Lake Superior, north of Marquette, during the winter.

Tim is married and has two children. He is quick to acknowledge the support of his family, and identifies his children a key reason for his commitment to the environment and the quality of life in our region. When asked why he devotes his time to HWPI, Tim responded, “I believe in service and being a part of the HWPI Board is one way that I can help shape our community. Completing the B2B will be transformative and I am thrilled to be a part of that effort.” Thank you Tim, for your years of service to HWPI and the B2B! Your involvement has truly made an impact.

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New B2B Trail Segment Officially Open

We have cut the ribbon and a new B2B Trail segment is officially open! Thanks to the 75+ people who joined us to celebrate the new path and to take an inaugural walk on the trail. A huge thanks also goes to all of the people who made this happen, including the WCPARC, WCRC, DNR, the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation, St. Joseph Mercy Health System, dozens more partners and more than 1,200 donors.

Come check it out for yourself. You can access this 2.6 mile section of trail at the Green Lake Campground or at the intersection of M52 and Werkner Roads, just outside of Chelsea. This is just the beginning of many more new B2B segments to come. You have made this possible!

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