The Archives

The Archives

The Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative Archives captures significant information in the history of our effort. Entries are presented in reverse chronological order.


HWPI Submits First TAP Grant Application

11/02/2015 – With grant application preparations efforts led by HWPI board member Erik Stahlhandske, a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant application for $1.7MM was submitted to partially fund construction of the first Huron Waterloo Pathways 4.2-mile long trail segment.


Michigan DNR Statewide Press Release: “Huron Waterloo Loop to link to Iron Belle Trail”

11/02/2015 – The Michigan Department of Natural Resources issued a statewide press release, Huron Waterloo Loop to link southeast Michigan communities to Iron Belle Trail, touting the HWPI’s efforts to link The Loop with the Iron Belle Trail system, and to highlight the HWPI’s ongoing partnership with the DNR.


Chelsea Update and The Sun Times News Cover First HWPI Public Event

10/26/2015 – Huron Waterloo Pathways effort seeks local support for trail project – by Jim Pruitt

10/28/2015 – Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative Outlines Funding Goals and Objectives – by Amanda Ballard


First HWPI Public Open House Held October 21

An enthusiastic crowd of more than 50 community members packed the McKune Room in the Chelsea Library to hear about the Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative. Read more …


Heritage Sponsor – Saint Joseph Mercy Health System

Rob Casalou, on behalf of the Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, generously committed $125,000 to HWPI to become a Heritage Sponsor.


Sylvan Township Board Adopts HWPI Support Resolution

As reported by the Chelsea Update, the Sylvan Township Board unanimously adopted a resolution in support of the Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative, which, according to the resolution, “has proposed, and is pursuing a non-motorized path that will ultimately connect several communities including Sylvan Township in a 44-mile path.” Chelsea Update Article


HWPI Heritage Sponsors Receive Local News Coverage

Heritage Sponsors Jiffy Mix (Chelsea Milling Company), Peter & Patti Feeney, and Chelsea State Bank each made $25,000 commitments to HWPI, as reported in both the Chelsea Update (Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative Heritage Donors Recently Recognized) and The Sun Times News (Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative Receives Local Support and Will Host Public Open House).


Heritage Sponsor – Chelsea State Bank


John Mann, on behalf of the Chelsea State Bank, generously committed $25,000 to HWPI to become a Heritage Sponsor.


First New Trail Segment of “The Loop” Targeted


In conjunction with the DNR, MDOT, Lyndon and Sylvan Townships, HWPI identified the first new trail segment for funding efforts and a preliminary engineering study. Approximately 4.1 miles of trail will begin at Werkner Road and M-52 in Chelsea, and extend north to Territorial Road.


5 Healthy Towns Foundation Agrees to Match Community Support Donations

CWF-5H Logo-only

For the month of October, 2015, the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation (5HF) – formerly Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation – will dollar-for-dollar match the first $3000 in Community Support donations received by HWPI.


Heritage Sponsor – Jiffy Mix (Chelsea Milling Company)


Howdy Holmes, on behalf of the Chelsea Milling Company, generously committed $25,000 to HWPI to become a Heritage Sponsor.


Heritage Sponsor – The Feeney Family


The Feeney Family generously committed $25,000 to HWPI to become our first Heritage Sponsor. Peter Feeney is also an active HWPI board member.


HWPI Forms Partnership with Legacy Land Conservancy


With both Boards accepting a Memorandum of Understanding, HWPI partnered with Legacy Land Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and dedicated to the voluntary conservation of locally important land. Legacy became the fiduciary for HWPI, making contributions to HWPI through Legacy tax-deductible, as allowed by law.


“The Loop” Concept Introduced – 44 Miles of Contiguous Trails


During discussion with Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) officials and HWPI Chair Jeff Hardcastle, the idea of branding “The Loop” as a way to describe the final result of HWPI’s efforts was conceived. Twenty-two miles of new HWPI-developed trail, from Dexter to Chelsea to Stockbridge, connecting with the existing Border-to-Border Trail and the Lakelands Trail State Park trail, a contiguous 44-mile loop of non-motorized trail would be created. “The Loop” would exist in the most populous area of Michigan, and connect to the state’s Iron Belle Trail System. Maps and more detailed descriptions can be found on this website’s Proposed Pathways page.


HWP Logo Adopted


After being presented with several options by Graphic Designer Courtney Foster, the board adopted the logo shown above. The logo elements represent HWP planned non-motorized trails, and some of the multi-use features of them.


Bylaws of HWPI Approved

The February 18, 2015 draft “Bylaws of Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative” was approved by voice vote at the February 19 board meeting.


Huron Waterloo Pathways (HWP) Website and Facebook Page Established

Initial Huron Waterloo Pathways website and Facebook page were created and made available to the public. The term “Initiative” was dropped from these public-facing online presences, as it was decided that HWP would refer to the actual pathways that would result from the HWPI’s efforts. HWP would exist going forward, whereas the volunteer organization, HWPI, was a finite entity that would eventually either disband, or transition into a “Friends of HWP” type of organization.


HWPI Board Formed and Officers Elected

Initial Board of Directors: Mike Casey, Doug Denison, Mark Drow, Tim Eder, Pete Feeney, Becky Geer, Bart Hammer, David Hardcastle, Linda Mahan, Rob Mahan, Greg Peters, Terry Turner, Paul Wiklanski

Initial Officers Elected: Chairman–Jeff Hardcastle, Vice Chair–Tim Eder, Treasurer–Mark Drow, Secretary–Linda Mahan, Supporters Coordinator–Rob Mahan


“Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative (HWPI)” Name Adopted

After analysis revealed the top six proposed names from a long list brainstormed by the group, “Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative” was adopted. This name represented the geographic area of our focus, communicated our non-motorized, multi-use pathways goal, and indicated that the group would endeavor to promote new trail development.


First Meeting of Interested Community Members

Jeff Hardcastle organized a project kick-off meeting with a group of about fifteen interested people from area communities. Overall goals and potential strategies were presented and discussed. The meeting was hosted by Mike Casey, owner of Aberdeen Bike & Outdoors in Chelsea, Michigan.