Healthy :: Active :: Connected

Concerns about the Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative’s (HWPI) efforts to connect the Chelsea and Dexter communities with a paved, non-motorized trail have been in the local news and letter-to-the-editor pages lately. Consistent with HWPI’s values of promoting healthy, active, and connected communities through safe multi-use trails, our volunteers are sitting down with property owners to address their individual concerns. We are working toward positive, win-win situations with our neighbors and community members, in the pursuit of safe pathways for all ages.

HWPI volunteers live and work in the communities we want to connect with safe, multi-use pathways. Many of us are your friends, neighbors, and maybe even your family members. Most of us are parents and some of us are blessed to be grandparents. Through the generosity of our supporters and many local businesses and organizations, we hope the results of our efforts will add value to our shared communities and be enjoyed by current and future generations.

If you have comments, concerns, suggestions, or a desire to help with HWPI’s efforts, please contact one of us directly. We would love to hear from you.

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