HWPI 2020 Year-End Report

What a year it has been! COVID-19 has brought unimaginable changes to every aspect of our lives. At a time when so many things are unpredictable, recreational trails have been a constant companion, offering respite and access to the outdoors. The community turned to the Border-to-Border (B2B) Trail in record numbers this year for recreation, commuting, and access to nature, demonstrating the trails are an essential community asset that enriches our lives in good times and in challenging times.

In 2020 alone, we have the following successes:

  • Over 5 miles of the B2B was built on six different B2B segments across Washtenaw County, stretching from Lyndon Township to Ypsilanti.
  • The first dedicated B2B trailhead was constructed and now features restrooms, picnic tables, a pollinator garden, and other amenities.
  • A tunnel was built under M-52 to replace an at-grade crossing, providing safe passage between the Waterloo and Pinckney Recreation Areas.

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