HWPI Volunteer Spotlight: Erin Pons

Erin Pons

Congratulations to our May Volunteer of the Month, Erin Pons! Erin is a proud mom of two girls, ages four and two, and married for six years to her training inspiration, Jamie. They love calling Ann Arbor home. She works on a flexible schedule as an IT Audit Manager at PwC, which allows her to wear lots of hats: mom, wife, and triathlete in training.

As a long time board member of the Ann Arbor Triathlon Club, Erin became involved with HWPI at the start of the Karen’s Trail campaign. Although she did not know Karen personally, she felt it was an important cause to get behind.

The Ann Arbor Triathlon Club has partnered with Karen’s Trail on many events, including online fundraising campaigns, trail education and awareness, social events, training rides and runs, all in the spirit of promoting the importance of creating a safer place for our families and friends to pursue their outdoor passions. Erin has played an important role in the partnership between the Triathlon Club and HWPI, by helping to organize fundraising events, advocating for HWPI and support of our mission.

When asked why she volunteers with HWPI, Erin said, “I am always amazed and motivated by the broad reach and impact that HWPI has on our community, and also at the progress made in such a short amount of time. Trail and road safety is a legacy we can leave behind for generations to come. The people I have met and worked with along the way have made a lasting impression on me.”

Erin believes that the B2B is an important resource for our community because it is a place where we can feel safe to explore, enjoy the outdoors, and stay healthy. A trail system like the B2B is something everyone can take advantage of. Thank you Erin for your tremendous support of our work!

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