HWPI Volunteer Spotlight

HWPI Volunteer Spotlight: Corynn Myers
April, 2020

Corynn Myers

We would like to introduce our April Volunteer of the Month, Corynn Myers. Corynn is the Digital Marketing Manager in the central Marketing & Communications office at the University of Michigan. She has been in the field of marketing and communications her entire professional career and enjoys putting her skills to good use to support nonprofit causes she believes in.

Corynn was connected to HWPI through her network at the University of Michigan and instantly fell in love with the dedication, passion and mission of our organization. Corynn leads HWPI’s Communications Committee, and assists HWPI in the development of communications strategies and implementation of effective outreach to our supporters through social media, email and our website.

After four years of living in various states while her husband served in the U.S. Army, Corynn is excited to put down roots and become an active member of our southeast Michigan community. She looks forward to exploring local green spaces and new hiking trails with her two young children and her husband.

“We love having a trail and park right behind our house,” says Corynn. “In fact, it was one of the main reasons we decided to move to the area. That trail has been used countless times. It was where my daughter learned to ride her bike, where my son and I had our first walk together after he was born, where we take family pictures together every year and a place for my kids to run and play when our yard just isn’t enough. Every family and individual should have these types of experiences and memories and what a better way to be part of those memories than through HWPI.”

Thank you, Corynn, for your tremendous support of our work!

HWPI Volunteer Spotlight: Lynn Driver
February, 2020

Lynn Driver

We would like to introduce our February Volunteer of the Month, Lynn Driver. Lynn is a pediatric speech pathologist at Michigan Medicine, having worked there for 32 years. She is an avid runner, with 30 marathons under her belt, both domestic and international. She is also an avid cyclist, and enjoys cycling in the mountains. Lynn has cycled the globe, touring extensively in Colorado, Utah and California, as well as in the Alps, Pyrenees and Dolomites.

Lynn’s love of running and cycling has compelled her to help create places that are safe and convenient to train. She has supported development and expansion of the Border-to-Border Trail for many years, and learned of the HWPI effort through Lew Kidder. Since then, she has provided tremendous support for both for Karen’s Trail in particular as well as the B2B overall. She believes that the B2B expansion is the perfect tribute to Karen, ensuring that her legacy will endure.

Lynn believes strongly in the importance of community involvement and collaboration with organizations to support and promote the development of safe, accessible alternatives for recreation such as walking, running, and cycling. Thank you, Lynn, for your tremendous support of our work!

HWPI Volunteer Spotlight: George Sedlak
January, 2020

George Sedlak

We would like to introduce our January Volunteer of the Month, George Sedlak! George is new to HWPI, having volunteered for two events since November of 2019. Although he is new to us, he is not new to the B2B Trail. We look forward to seeing what impact George has as he continues to share his time with HWPI!

George lives in Dexter by way of the outskirts of Cleveland where he grew up exploring the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area and the local Metropark system. He is married to his high school crush after getting reacquainted at their 20th reunion. When he is not out on the B2B Trail, George works in the automotive industry with a background in mechanical engineering and product development.

An avid cyclist, George regularly logs over 10,000 miles a year on his bike. He formed a cycling team at his place of employment to compete in charity events and is even considering competing in this year’s Senior Olympics after participating as a volunteer last year. In addition to cycling, George is also a runner. He has run the world’s oldest annual marathon, Boston, multiple times. He has also volunteered for organizations like Girls on the Run to further support the running community.

George views volunteering for HWPI as a natural fit for his interests and experience. He sees it as a way to reinforce the importance of safety, especially as a cyclist. Thank you, George, for your enthusiasm and dedication to HWPI. Your support brings us closer to realizing the goal of expanding the safe, accessible trail networks that connect the communities of Washtenaw County and beyond.

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