Our Supporters

Our Supporters

The Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative efforts are supported by the generous donations of individuals, families, foundations, and businesses. Many thanks to all of our Community Supporters and to the following major donors, all of whom are enabling us to pursue our vision of healthy, active, and connected communities through the development of new, non-motorized pathways. (This page is updated on a quarterly basis.)

Founder $1,000,000 and above

Ambassador $250,000 to $499,999

Steward $50,000 to $99,999

Champion $15,000 to $24,999

Pioneer $5,000 to $7,499

Aaron and Michelle Crumm
Ann Arbor Track Club
Susan and Ermal Faulkner
Rebecca Horvath
Miles Colwell and Lynn Driver

Martin Family Foundation
Martha Grimes
Mark and Jennifer Pinto
Kathrine Larson
Howard and Luanne Booth in honor of the Dexter Concert Band

Hopp Electric, Inc.
Esther Floyd
Doors and Drawers Commercial Casework
Chuck and Rose Manitz

Pathfinder $2,500 to $4,999

Alford Family
Alison Pollard and Joe Tinsley
Ann Arbor Velo Club
Bart and Maribeth Hammer
Beth and David Hardcastle

Carolin and Macdonald Dick
Gordon and Anna Fournier
James Lee
Jeff and Deb Hardcastle
Jeff Hall
Jim and Andrea Alford

Liberty Athletic Club
LLoyd Bridges Traveland
Michael Fitzsimmons and Hope Haefner
Mike and Wendy Jurosek
Ray and Micky Howe
Roberta Knox

Advocate $500 to $2,499

Albert C. Cattell
Amy Lawson
Andrew Jacoby
Ann and Gerald Crane
Ann Arbor Ski Club
Ann Slade-Pratt and Aaron Pratt
Anna Meyendorff
Anne Barthelemy
Anocha Aribarg
Barbara Figurski and Luke Pinkerton
Barbara Underwood and David Patria
Betsy Blake and Kyle Hendley
Bonnie Ohye
Brad Leonard and Sue Falsey
Brian and Mona Ottum
Bruce and Grace Harrison
Carol Makielski and Chip Lake
Catherine Susan
Charles and Linda Borgsdorf
Chelsea Family Dentistry
Cindy and Scott Kellman
Dana Whalls
Daniels and Zermack Architects, LLC
Dave Furey
David and Deborah Schaible
David and Wendy Doerner
David Bach
Don and Linda Berlin
Donald and Sue Shepard
Drogo Montague
Duane and Joyce McKeachie
Emily Kaiser
Erik and Ann Stalhandske
Fischer Family Foundation
Food Art

Friends of Chelsea Lyndon Township
Gary and Shelley Bruder
George Heigenhauser and Leba Kowal
Georgiana Sanders and Joseph McCune
Golling Chrysler
Herman Ulloa
Holly Clack
In honor of Bill & Wendy Holmes
Jacalen Garris
James and Nancy Paul
Jan Garfinkle and Michael O’Donnell
Jay Brooks
Jeanne McLaughlin
Jeffrey Spoon and Terri Ginsburg
Jensen & Sons Builders
Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Ann Arbor
Jim and Ashley Adox
Jon and Pinky Noll
Karen Kerry and Bradford Chick
Kay Holsinger and Douglas Wood
Kenine Comstock and Scott Schvetze
Kenneth Fisher
Kyle & Stacey Brockman
Larry Friedman
Laura Mountcastle
Lexanne Creitz and Steve Lepper
Lost Arrow Sports
Lynne Robins
Mack Ruffin and Kathy Carter
Marilyn Pobanz
Mark and Deb Drow
Mary Campbell
Mary Jane and Steven Olsen
Megan McCall and Patrick Muldoon
Michael Allemang & Janis Bobrin

Michael Fitzsimmons and Hope Haefner
Mildred Danielson
Mildred Danielson
Monica Knowles
Nancy and Scott Hedberg
Nelda Mercer
Nichole Muncey
Nicole Minier
Patricia Juon
Patricia Winebrenner
Pfizer Foundation
Randall and Christine Forsch
Ren and Susan Snyder
Richard Fortune
Rick and Mary Price
Rick Taylor Real Estate
Robert and Connie Pulcipher
Robert Werner and Dari Stuhl
Rosalind Johnson
Roy and Stacey Townsend
Ryan and Katie Beekman
Sarah Jacoby
Scott and Wendy Broshar
Sheryl Hirsch
Sidney Holmes
Southern Michigan Orienteering Club
Susan and Peter Westerman
Tam Perry and Richard Cooper
Terry and Marguerite Ragland
Tim and Anne Merkel
Tim Cook
Tom and Reiley Curran
Veronica Saint
Willard H. Johnson
William Davis
William Holmes
William McCune
Zingerman’s Bakehouse, Inc.

Friend $100 to $499

Abe Landau
Albert and Barbara Cain
Alice Lynch
Allison and John Ball
Amber Iler and Todd Newell
Amy and Bob Kennedy
Andrea and Kevin Webber
Andrew Caughey and Shelly Neitzel
Anne Saywitz
Ann and Mike Feeney
Ann Arbor Western Kiwanis Club
Ann Sinelli
Argenta And Matt Matuszak
Art Keckeissen
Audrey Wu
Barbara and Kelly Rigney
Barbara Jo Smith
Barry Nathan
Bela Sipos
Bertha Lin
Bill and Susan Weber
Bill’s Beer Garden
Brian and Carol McLaughlin
Brian and Mona Ottum
Brian and Sara Samuel
Brian Beddor
Brian Doerner
Brooke Prockovic
Bruce and Andi Laidlaw
Bruce and Jeanette McKeachie
Carl Schwarze
Carol and David Clifford
Carol Poenisch
Carolyn Rothwell
Catherine Johnson
Catherine Juon
Charles and Evelyn Mack
Charlotte Doyle
Cheryl and John Mack
Cheryl Cunningham
Chris and Mary Morgan
Christine Stead
Chuck and Mary Freitas
Colleen Bean
Craig and Suzanne Stephan
Curt and Barb Fielder
Cyrus Piraka
David Barsan
David and Linda Booth
David and Sandra Hahn
David Hochrein
David Lowenschuss
Dawn Applegate
Deb Halbleib
Deborah Green
Deborah Lewis
Debra and Tom Bourque
Delores Garcia
Diana Raimi
Dianne Haas
Don and Gwen Evich
Donna Lasinski
Donna Snyder
Douglas Denison
Douglas Tidd
Duane Newton
E. Spaulding Clark
Econo Print
Eleanor and Stuart Decker
Elizabeth Fall
Elizabeth Pascoe
Elizabeth Sensoli
Elizabeth Silver and William Crawforth
Ellen Rowe
Emily Springfield
Eric and Mary Anne Jaeger
Erich Schifter
Erin Rivard
Faison and Mara Gibson
Frederick Kramp
Gary and Janet Adams
Gavin Clabaugh and Margaret Engle
Gerald Kangas
Helen Fuller

Herbert and Karla Linkner
Hugh and Jane Thomson
IAI Foundation
In memory of Kathleen A Jones
In memory of Margarit Lang
Jackie Conely-Scheller
James and Cinda Rock
James and Jean Libs
James and Jennie Drury
James and Lori Sprague
James Fogel
James Kosteva
Jan and Marilyn Tripp
Jan Van Dijk
Janice Prundeanu
Janice Stumpf and Cesar Alaniz
Jay and Patti Holland
Jeffrey Rohrer
Jeffrey Witzburg
Jerome Wilczynski
Jim and Jane Maksymowski
Jo Ann and Gary Munce
Joan Cowdery
Joann Schmidt
Joe and Mariann Christy
Joe Bavonese
Johan Stohl
John and Lourie Hood
John and Mary Caldwell
John Ballard and Elizabeth Lindsley
John Knox
John Sullivan and Deb Beer
Jon LaBossiere
Jonathan Rodgers
Joseph Ziolkowski
Julie Schumaker and Kevin Dombkowski
Julie Harris
Julie Hermann
Karan and Caroline Pregitzer
Karen and Bruce Morey
Karen Blackford
Karen Healy
Kary Herrala
Katherine Becker
Katherine Begeman
Katherine Bennett
Katherine Larson
Katherine Maddox
Kathleen and Jim Rosochacki
Kathleen Blanding
Kathryn Sanderson
Kathy Bradbury
Katrina Tanner
Ken Monash
Kenneth Castle
Kenneth and Constance Keith
Kenneth Gutowski
Kim Morehouse
Kristen Stout
Kristin and Willem Van Reesema
Larry Cobler
Leona Weinstein
Linda Lutzeier
Lisa Bardwell
Lora Bourassa
Louis Probst
Lucas Jaten
Lynn and Ron Olson
Marc Olson
Marcia Scully
Marie Duke
Marilyn Bradley and Rhonda Mariani
Mark and Amy Heydlauff
Mark and Lorna Hildebrandt
Mark and Madelynn Korzon
Mark and Narda Wishka
Mark Pascoe
Marlene Blum
Marshall and Janice Carr
Mary and Ronald Voorheis
Mary Relson
Mary Underwood
Mattias Jonsson
May Hoo

May Ping Soo Hoo
Meghan & Carl Bonfiglio
Melinda Morris
Melvin McKeachie and Melody Sure
Meryl Brodsky and David Sing
Michael Burtch
Michael Head and Mary Lewis James
Michael Linkevich
Michael Rucinski
Michael Wendorf
Michael Yales
Michelyn Girard
Mika & Danielle LaVaque-Manty
Mike and Cathy Muha
Melinda Morris
Monica Pinon
Nancy and Stuart Winston
Nancy Graebner
Ned and Mary Jane Thompson
Nicholas Howson
Norma and Daniel Green
Omer Bellfi and Karla Olson-Bellfi
Patricia and John Stover
Patricia Benson and Brian Chodoroff
Patricia W and Cho Yee To
Patrick and Susan Shields
Paul and Patricia Cousins
Paul Wiklanski
Perry Samson
R Collins
Rachael and John Criso
Ramona Bohlander
Rena Zaid
Renee Rutz
Renee Vettorello
Rhonda Read
Richard Bowerman
Rob and Linda Mahan
Robert and Carol Blackmer
Robert and Judith Marans
Robert and Sally DeVol
Robert Ayotte
Robert Bauman
Robert E. Krug and Aurelia Scott
Robert Pachella
Roman Krzyzanowski
Ronald and Beverly Samuel
Ross Richardson
Russ Hagy and Julie Copley
Russell Noble
St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor Surgery Dept.
Sal Aridi
Sam and Annie Ritter
Sarah Batzer and Timothy Jasina
Scott Bertschy
Sheila Isaacs
Sheryl Marzonie
Shirley Ceely
Societe Indoor Cycling
Stephanie Buttrey and Andy Overmire
Stephanie Hale
Stevan Hubbard
Steve and Annie Hiltner
Susan and Oliver Cameron
Susan Bryan
Susan Draffen
Susan Lackey and Steve Daut
Susan Mumm
Tammy McCullough
TD Ameritrade
The Charters Family
Theresa Short
Thom and Lou Ann Ryan
Thomas and Elaine Lufkin
Thomas E. Moore
Thomas Powell
Tina Ferraro
Tracy Berman
University Of Michigan-Office Of University Development (OUD)
Victor and Mary Cooperwasser
Vivian Phillips
Wanda and Steven Gunderson
Wayne and Georgia Lindstrom
Wendy And Steve Kern
Will and Paula Hathaway
William and Andrea Parks
William and Sharleen Eisenbeiser
William Standish

Additional Supporters

5 Healthy Towns Foundation
Ann Arbor Running Company
Bell’s Brewery

Elizabeth Floyd
Marsha Mumm and the Rhythm and Blues Corp
Power Cycling

Rich Stark and Laurel Park
Tortoise and Hare

Thanks to all of our anonymous and to our additional 450+ donors. Note only donations above $100 and received through November 21st, 2018 are listed here.