Issues Of The Environment: The Continuing Expansion of the Border-to-Border Trail

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“Progress is being made to fully connect communities throughout Washtenaw County with an expanded Border-to-Border Trail.”

Coy Vaughn, Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation  Commission (WCPARC) Deputy Director and Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative (HWPI) board member, discussed the latest B2B developments with David Fair on 89.1 WEMU’s Issues of the Environment radio program. You can read the main points and hear their conversation online at:

WEMU Issues of the Environment 11/29/2017

Coy gave a great interview, talking about the history and recent developments of the B2B Trail project, including the WCPARC – HWPI public / private partnership. When asked by David Fair, Coy stressed the positive impact on B2B progress of private fundraising and this year’s Karen’s Trail Campaign, named in memory of world-class triathlete Karen McKeachie. Coy also gave an update on the two B2B construction projects planned for 2018, and on the importance of completing the corridor connecting Dexter and Ann Arbor, which will span the Huron River with eight sponsored and themed bridges.

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Liberty Athletic Club Boosts the Karen’s Trail Campaign

HWPI is immensely grateful to Liberty Athletic Club for presenting several upcoming events in support of the Karen’s Trail Campaign. Please see the video below for details on how you can participate in one or all of these events.

As many of you are aware, on August 26, 2016, Liberty member Karen McKeachie, a 63-year-old triathlete from Ann Arbor, was killed on Dexter-Chelsea Road doing one of the things she loved: riding her bike.

A few weeks after the accident, Lew Kidder, Karen’s husband of 37 years, reached out to the Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative (HWPI). Lew had heard of the group’s efforts to develop new, non-motorized pathways throughout Washtenaw County, and he graciously invited them to be a part of honoring Karen’s life and legacy.

Shortly thereafter, HWPI announced the Karen’s Trail Campaign, a community-wide effort to raise funds that will support the development of Washtenaw County’s Border-to-Border Trail system. These new pathways will honor Karen’s life and legacy by expanding safe, recreational opportunities for everyone in the region.

Liberty Athletic Club is pleased to present several events in support of the Karen’s Trail Campaign. Please see the video above.

This post is republished here with permission from the Liberty Athletic Club.

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Summer Heat Got You Down?

Summer heat and humidity got you down? Here’s a look back to one of the many Phase 1 (M52& Werkner to Green Lake) walkthroughs last winter, when the temperature was a balmy 10 degrees!

From HWPI board member Erik Stalhandske, who was shivering behind the camera: “Working collaboratively with the Michigan DNR and Stantec Engineering, we were able to mutually address everyone’s concerns and arrive at a mutually satisfactory trail alignment. Through careful value engineering, we have addressed existing environmental features, incorporated natural topographical highlights, and stayed within budget. It is anticipated that groundbreaking for the first stretch of trail will begin in mid to late summer of 2017.”

HWPI board chair, Jeff Hardcastle, anticipates that groundbreaking on Phase 1 may be about eight weeks away!

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Let’s Build Karen’s Trail!

We’re excited to announce that Karen’s Trail t-shirts are now available to purchase online! Our work this summer has been focused in large part on making people aware of Karen’s Story and the trail. One way that we have been able to do this is through our Karen’s Trail t-shirts. We hope to get thousands of people wearing Karen’s Trail shirts and sharing our cause.

The shirts are made of performance material, good for visibility. They are $20 each and available for ordering until August 31. Shirts may be shipped directly to you or picked up from Ann Arbor Running Company’s new store in Kerrytown.

Click here to order your own Karen’s Trail t-shirt.

We would really appreciate your help sharing the opportunity to order Karen’s Trail shirts with your community. You can share the order form link above through email or if you are on Facebook, please share our t-shirt post with your friends! The more it is shared, the more community members will hear about Karen’s Trail.

Click here for our Facebook post.

Shirts are only available to order until August 31, so time is of the essence!

Thank you for your support of Karen’s Trail!

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HWPI’s New Fiscal Sponsor – Michigan Fitness Foundation

The Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative (HWPI), partnered with the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission (WCPARC), has expanded our role to be the primary fundraising organization supporting the completion of the Border-to-Border Trail System throughout Washtenaw County. HWPI’s long term goal is now to raise approximately $20 million in private funding within five years.

At our inception about two-and-a-half years ago, HWPI’s focus was to connect Chelsea and Dexter with a safe, family-friendly non-motorized pathway. Legacy Land Conservancy, an Ann Arbor-based nonprofit organization founded in 1971, agreed to be our fiscal sponsor. Through this relationship, charitable contributions to HWPI would be tax deductible, and our supporters would have peace of mind knowing that their donations were being handled by a nonprofit with a proven record of more than forty-five years.

With HWPI’s expanded role, we mutually agreed with Legacy Land Conservancy to search for a new fiscal sponsor. HWPI has now entered into an agreement with the nonprofit Michigan Fitness Foundation (MFF) to serve as our new fiscal sponsor. As a result, all charitable contributions to HWPI continue to be fully tax deductible.

The folks of HWPI greatly appreciate the excellent services Legacy Land Conservancy provided us over the past two-and-a-half years. We encourage everyone to support the marvelous work Legacy does with land preservation throughout our region. We are also excited to open a new chapter with the Michigan Fitness Foundation, as they expand services to support development of Michigan’s statewide Iron Belle Trail System and associated regional trails.

Tax-deductible contributions to HWPI can be made online or mailed in through the Donate page on the Huron Waterloo Pathways website.

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